Lines Tell A Story

I came across this You Tube video last week and it has stayed in my mind all week. I was fascinated watching it because all I could think about was how I picture this kind of light show whenever I watch something. I mean, I don’t have to have the real lights. Call me crazy but I see this stuff in my mind all the time. When I saw the video, I thought ‘bam!’,  this is  a perfect way to explain how visual lines and movement can be expressed in dance and how important this is in musical freestyle. Our choreographed movement has the ability to go beyond mere moves and poses. In fact, I think we should be seeking such quality of lines and pictures when we are interpreting and performing our pieces. This video is such a good example of how each angle and tiny shift in movement can change everything. Our movement extends beyond where it seems to finish at our finger tips…it does indeed go on forever, like ripples in a still pond.  I see these lines and visual emphasis all the time without a fancy light show (lucky me haha) and it is fascinating to me to be always trying to create the ‘perfect’ line and angle that fits a phrase in music or tells a piece of story in a routine. Wouldn’t it be amazing though to use this kind of light show for a freestyle routine?