Welcome Davis!

Well, the gang and I welcomed a new addition 4.5 weeks ago: Marley Sammy Davis Jr.  A half brother to Agnes, he packs a bundle of herding and fun. 🙂 Davis is his call name. I have 2 training vids already and I thought it would be a good idea to organize his training vids here in his own training blog. Who knows he might end up writing a bit himself. He is a BC after all…hee hee.
His learning style is of course different to any previous dog, which makes me work harder and stay on my toes. I always try to pay attention to the pup in front of me and not have any preconceived ideas of particular goals or training, but I am paying particular attention this time around. He definitely has things he likes doing best whether that is for structure or cognitive reasons,  and therefore understands and has more confidence in them. It is my job to develop those first while gently building confidence in others. Some skills I leave alone for a few days because at this age time can make a world of difference in how pups approach a skill the next time they try. I have also been working on what I have been thinking about since training Glover and I was careful  about teaching a ‘default’ position to Davis. Kind of scary not making ‘eye contact’ a default but so far it is going well! I was actually so nervous about it I held off training for a day to sit and think about it some more. Imagine that. But, you can see he already has some great knowledge of positions that do not involve eye contact and yet his eye contact is getting stronger and stronger in other behaviors. So far so good….

His very first training video was done when he was 8 weeks and I had had him for a week.

Here he is at 11 weeks.