Skills, skills, skills!

So much to do with a young pup, how do you choose? I do most of the ‘choosing’ but I have also let Davis ‘choose’ as well. In the first post I talked about being careful to create my desired ‘default’ skills and I gotta say most of those are to do with freestyle and basic training skills that I need for dog activities in general. Over time though, I expose him to a variety of ‘jobs’ and if he takes to it I really hone it on it. If I have built my play/focus games and continue to do so I can turn his strong natural abilities into crazy good skills and turn his weaker ‘not so crazy about skills’ into winners 🙂 Things change so fast in puppies that what he may have been lukewarm about yesterday is different a couple of days later, especially when confidence and skill building is created someplace else. So,  in other words I am trying to keep him as well rounded as possible with an eye on what I consider to be the most important skills for him on any given day. Sounds, vague?  Haha, that is because it is really! Training and building a puppy or a grown dog is about bending, adapting, sharpening, softening and working WITH the dog in front of you.

Davis Personality Sidenote: He is ball driven, shows some possession (we are working on that with 2 balls), loves the tug game but is also a a huge ‘foodie’. This week he is starting to be able to combine food and toy in a session. Big victory!