Hold Onto August!

Wow fast, fast summer this year!  Fall schedule is already set and plans underway for the first sanctioned Treibball Tournament September 14. This is a great ‘first’ for the area and great experience and opportunity for those that have been hard at work building some great pushin’, shoven’ and rollin’ and runnin’ skills with their dogs.  Haha, it is a fun sport and I never thought I would take it so far as to keep titling in it with 5 dogs, teaching it  and now judging it! I remember pulling out an exercise ball oh, about 2/3 years ago(?), and thinking ‘Let’s play around and see what this is about.”  Hmm…I was hooked! Downside is I can’t stop collecting different colored balls…I need a special crew to keep them inflated and shiny haha! AGNES- there’s a job for you…:)

I’m also planning my freestyle workshop for my trip to Japan end of October. Should be an interesting trip with judging, workshop and private lessons in the mix…they have some lovely freestylers in Japan. I’m looking forward to going back! My gang are keeping me busy, especially with my new addition, Davis. Make sure you check out his progress and pics on his own blog! I thought Border Collie #2 deserved his own blog…saw a T-shirt today that said: One Border Collie away from being that crazy dog person.

Perhaps that ship has already sailed 🙂