Puppy Push Ups and More Brain Games For 2015

Excited for 2015! Cross training and canine conditioning and fitness sure is a hot topic right now. Very pleased Cassandra’s Canines is an authorized dealer for both FitPAWS and DogTread companies. I remember years ago working with my dogs on exercise balls when Debbie Gross Saunders first came out with her videos ‘Get On The Ball’. I realized then how much the dogs loved it and how valuable a conditioning program it was and all my dogs, especially young puppies and older dogs were conditioned and taught this type of exercise. My senior dogs Debbie and Vera were on this equipment until they passed, staying supple and strong. Over the years I kept experimenting and learning just how creative a trainer could be with this equipment. I held classes using FitPAWS conditioning equipment and last year held a special combined class, ‘Mind and Body’, to include more brain games and concepts along with core fitness and strength. Fun, fun! Another session of this is set to start end of the month. A big change for this year will be the incorporation of body awareness and conditioning concepts at even earlier levels of training for my students at the Smart Pup and Bronze level too!. This is such a great confidence booster and learning opportunity for the dogs! An exciting new thing for me personally will be the addition of a DogTread treadmill to my own dogs’ conditioning regimen. Can’t wait to introduce it to all the dogs and share their experiences and learning with you all. You can be sure I will be adapting some exercises specifically for freestyle! Here’s to fun, bonding, health,fitness and of course dancing and enjoying our dogs in 2015. Quick clip of Fosse who just celebrated his 9th birthday mastering a stand to a controlled sit pretty position on the peanut. Abs of steel!