March 26, 2012

Hi everyone! Gwen here 🙂 Mum is busy today downloading music for new crazy dance routines for her dancing pack, so I thought I would write today`s blog for her….
I think she has a new trick for me to put into a new dance routine…..I can tell she is thinking hard because she goes real quiet and chugs her coffee faster and faster…..
Guess what? I did a show called Canada’s Got Talent and got to meet a whole bunch of people and dance hard and get treats for it!!! Here is my favourite thing: I got to spend time with Mum all by myself! It was special. I loved doing stuff with Mum on the stage and I loved the crowds, lights and loud music. She remembered to pack timbits and I waited and waited on the stage for a long time after our special dance. I think I sat like a good girl but everyone was staring at me.  All I could think about was “Have you guys finished talking? Cuz Mum has to say ‘alright’ and I am going to boot it offstage and get my Timbit!!! Whoo Hoo!”
Mum keeps telling me how good people said I was so I just want to say THANKS  for that and thanks for watching us because there isn’t anything else I would rather be doing than dancing with my Mum. She is so happy when she is doing it. It makes me happy.

Hey all you human owners out there, my Mum has found a different cool treat that everyone in our house loves….here it is:

Lickety Stik –  Mum keeps talking about how great it is for keeping in her pocket. She went out and bought extra this morning. It is very yummy and fun!!! Mum keeps talking about how some dogs would really like it when they are getting their nails cut and during things they might be nervous about! It think she just likes less crumbs in her pockets….

Okay gotta go – Mum is calling and I hope I get the Lickety if I run fast enough to her!

Roo Roo