April 1, 2012

This may be April 1 but this is no April Fools prank. Herewith is the end of all my
“Corded coat, should I, shouldn’t I?” WHINING!  Today is the day to take the plunge. I trimmed Twyla the other day and now she has been bathed and is air drying to start the cording process! God I love a challenge!  For strange amusement and merriment for some of you and a frustration outlet for me I will update her ‘progress’ on this blog. I am about to find out how anal retentive I am about having  things look nice. I might also need some sort of therapy when I watch the mats form and she looks like a poodle on skid row.

Photo of finished corded coat for inspiration:

Cute and lovable Twyla in her continentaly fluffed up job:

Day one of the long painful and humiliating journey towards dreadlocks: