July 17, 2012

Oldest dog Debbie had a freeky, rather scary vestibular episode a couple of weeks ago and a pretty grave ‘diagnosis’ was tossed about. Good thing both of us are pretty opinionated. It appears one should not underestimate the power of a good wack of antibiotics and a few cheeseburgers topped with timbits.  Glad to say Debbie is happy and dancing again and is completely wondering why she can’t have cheeseburgers every day. Fingers and paws crossed there are still many prancy days ahead for her. She is an amazing strong girl and undoubtedly her determination has always been a strength of hers.  Last year when she was 14.5 years old I created and taped a routine with her, not fully knowing the reason or purpose behind it. I just felt the need to do it with her and it seemed very ‘right’ at the time.  So, it was not shown or used was content with that.Until a few days ago. It was with the one month aniversary of Vera’s passing that it suddenly became really clear what this routine was for. It is very strange how things like that work and as always our dogs guide our lives in many ways and leave unexpected gifts. Debbie and I dedicate this routine to sweet Vera. Called ‘I Will Remember You’, it was posted on You Tube last saturday and for now I have place it on the home page for viewing. I hope you enjoy our tribute to Vera and it would make me happy to think it may also provide you a moment to hug with your heart those animals that are waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.