September 11, 2012

So happy my website is ‘feeling better’ and is up and running now. The cooler breezes are making for some great training sessions with my gang. Note to self: My speed demon Agnes should do Treibball FIRST in a session BEFORE any Agility….hahaha.Wish the video camera had been running when I happened to do the reverse with her the other day. All brain cells ceased to function I’m afraid and that poor plastic sheep, baaaah,got a beating for sure. Like I say, mistakes are fine once in a while, let’s just not rehearse them and put on a show. I expect Agnes to come into heat any day now and, well, there go more brain cella for little bit.¬† Gearing up for classes that start soon and it is great registering some very positive owners and their dogs, ready to learn and enjoy their training journey together. Once classes are running, the ‘Canine Gym’ will be open on friday nights (6:30-7:30 drop in)and various activities and things to try will be available to currently enrolled students. How about ‘Wack the Wobble Board”?, Manners Minder Targets?,’Walk The Plank’, Tunnel Zooms?,and ‘Search and Find?.¬† Lots of fun skill building activities to try at your own pace. Don’t forget to join us on facebook¬†