December 1, 2012

Thought it might be best to get a blog written before the end of 2012! Classes, workshops,competitions, and plans for a new puppy sure have made time fly by. YES! a NEW GOLDEN PUPPY! Very exciting news and this is a lovely breeding -sire and dam are very talented and I fly to Texas to make my pick this month.
This puts me into full ‘puppy mode’again and new games and training ideas are bubbling about in my brain.
My training approach for this pup will be pressing forward in body awareness skills; for both the pups’ individual awareness in space and also in relation to me and how we move together. I started this approach with Agnes when really young and will see now with future puppy partner if I can take it even further. No name decisions as yet, but  you know how it goes….there is a perfect dancers name out there somewhere that will match this new little bundle of energy and spirit!
I’m hoping some of my current website glitches will be sorted out in time for pup’s homecoming so I can share photos easily and get creative…I have updated various pages of the website just havent been able to upload photos. Stay tuned for the big ‘puppy press release’ soon!