Keeping On Track With Goals, Big and Small

Well, hooray! Back into gear with a new, more efficient website! I have been busy setting and achieving goals for this and the upcoming teaching and workshop year. Staying organized with my training and personal goals with my dogs on a day to day basis is an important step to success.  Some of my goals are ‘ribbon and title’ oriented, while many others are what I call doggie ‘roo’ moments and just as important. For example, I have been working hard on the equal value of toy and food rewards when playing and training Glover, and it is worth so much to see him understand and put into practice what we have been working hard on together. Always ‘change and challenge’ – that is a constant task for me and my dogs! Sometimes I even write down these kind of reminders to keep my work with the dogs in top form.  For me, these are accomplishments that serve to fill up our relationship bank and will enable us to reach higher in each task I set for them in the future. Now, concerning Glover and the whole enthusiastic ‘grab your glasses off your face while we are doing our ‘happy heeling bit’?   Hee hee, that is a fix-it goal for….LATER! He can have his ‘fun’ for now…

Things do get busy with such an age range of dogs and activities -they all need something different. I handle this with my own notes and tracking system and I thought, ‘Hmm… why not help others with this too?’   I often get asked: “What should I practice with my dog? Or,  ” I forgot that part!”, which is not hard to do when there is a lot to keep track of. Well, given that a zillion post-it notes on your forehead or your dog isn’t really practical nor really effective, I thought I would design training journals that will keep you on track and focused in your training and make goal setting easy! Two journals: one for all ‘round training (pet-home or sports dog) and the other SPECIFICALLY designed for Freestyle!   It is very smart and rewarding for us as owners/handlers to track and document our successes (and some ‘oops’ moments too!).   I love that there are also spots in the journal for workshop notes,  personal comments and things we want to remember about our cherished dogs; funny things they did that day, training tip,  or favorite food reward for that lesson. Hope you enjoy them and that the saved time will help you have even more fun with your dogs! Take a look in the STORE.  Happy goal making and achieving everyone!