Sammy Davis Jr

  • Ya put your right foot in…ya right foot out… - Hokey Pokey training. That’s what it’s all about! So happy with what I have been doing with Davis so far. Body awareness and isolating movement…really paid off when I decided to start him off on the skateboard yesterday. In this short first session, not only did he very quickly get the ‘3 feet on-1 off…

Well I decided to play catch-up a bit on reporting with Davis’ training. He just turned 9 months old and before more time gets away from me, here is a series of shorty and sometimes crappy quality training vids that range in age from 4-7 months. Just some of the skills covered in this period. I just love this age for training. They take such delight in the ‘newness and discovery’ of what they can do!


Freestyle Lean

Spin and reverse heel position

Bottoms UP!

Chugs in heel




Weave poles