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Cassandra will be presenting a Puppy Training Clinic at Pet Value in Ancaster, ON. (Wilson St. East) January 17, 2016 , 11:00 am (Walmart Plaza)  flyer 

Another Rally FrEe first! 3 Perfect Scores of 200 for Fosse, Agnes and Gwen in the Championship Division! Good work team 🙂                             RFECH200ScoresAug2015


*HOLD THE DATE! Sunday October 25/15  3rd Sanctioned ‘Roll With It’ Treibball Tournament! Premium out soon! Premium

*More titles and records for my gang in Treibball July 19, 2015. Gwen, Fosse and Agnes earned their Expert titles in the drive game, their Intermediate titles in Hide & Seek and Glover earned his Intermediate in Rapid Fire. Agnes set a new time record in Rapid Fire Advanced!


*July 2015. Agnes DeMille achieves the first score of 200 in Rally Freestyle Elements and goes on to earn another perfect score for her second leg, earning her Masters! Fosse and Gwen also earn their Masters in Rally FrEe!


*Great success and many titles achieved at the 2nd ‘Roll With It’ Treibball Tournament!IMG_8092IMG_8092IMG_8092 Congrats to the following teams for completing titles!

CHUTSDNA (Novice Skills)

Raven and Marian Galley

 CHUTDNA  (Novice drive)

Breeze and Wendy Gordon Forsyth

Crossin and Marian Galley

Reese and Pat Vanbregt

Raven and Marian Galley

Star and Pat Vanbregt

 CHUTGDNA-HS (HIde & Seek)

Star and Pat Vanbregt

Breeze and Wendy Gordon Forsyth

Raven and Marian Galley

 CHUTGDNA-RF (Rapid Fire)

Star and Pat Vanbregt

Reese and Pat Vanbregt

Breeze and Wendy Gordon Forsyth




*’Roll With It’ 2nd Sanctioned Canines and Human United Treibball Tournament June 13/15 – Premium list in April/15   FUN/PRACTICE MATCH FRIDAY JUNE 5/15 6-8PM!!! 

Come out and watch, help or compete for Treibball titles!

  Premium list for Entries, Schedule, CHU membership:    premium_2015 

*Rally FrEe Video Competition ‘Spring Zoomies’  Entries close April 29/15 Video submissions due May 10/15 to enter. 

*Cassandra will be presenting a freestyle workshop in Golden, Colorado April 20, 2015 for the Rocky Mountain Dancin’ Dogs Freestyle Club. She will also be attending FitPAWS®1st international Master Trainer Canine Fitness program April 17-20 while in Colorado.

*In November 2014, Cassandra was honored to received the World Canine Freestyle Organization Trainer Of The Year Award 2014



*Rally FrEe World Video Event 2014 Results! 

Congratulations go out to the following students:

Marian Galley and Crossin – 1st place Novice and a title!

Pat VanBregt and Reed – 3rd place Novice and a title!

Janet Hough and Kayla – 2nd qualifying run in Novice!

Hugs and pats to my own gang: Gwen -1st place Intermediate (and overall high score)

Fosse -2nd place Intermediate

Agnes -3rd place Intermediate

Glover-2nd place Novice

Twyla -4th place Novice



*Another fabulous trip to Japan Oct 29 – Nov 4, 2014. Judging, workshops and private lessons and great food 🙂 Workshop topics included choreography and fitness for the canine freestyler.                  .10751878_10205050288639977_1162030051_n phone november 2014 263 10422392_715015075257159_3802528884586174089_nphone november 2014 317 phone november 2014 333 phone november 2014 302


The gang did a smash up job in Treibball, MIchigan Oct 24, 2014.  Finished up some titles. Agnes, Fosse and Gwen earned 2 expert legs each. Agnes had a great time in Intermediate Rapid Fire with a time of 18:19. Gwen had a great Hide and Seek Intermediate time of 56 seconds! Glover finished his intermediate title as well!

Great success and fun at our first Treibball Tournament in August 2013!   Lots of Q’s and a lot of good experience for everyone involved!                                                      10675698_683430868412117_6562403005493467470_n 10171060_683431045078766_2046752797113195511_n10151947_683431635078707_5205799745976527635_n 10350342_683698761718661_7885285509713183937_nDSC_0878


For Premium  list for this event:       premium_july31.pdf final



Cassandra is headed back to Japan in November, 2014 to present another freestyle workshop and judge two freestyle events for WCFO and Partner organization OPDES. A day of private lessons is also on the agenda! Promises to be a wonderful busy trip connecting with great freestylers!for web page (2) for webpage 3



I am happy to say the gang did an outstanding job today. 30 RUNS!! 29 Q’s! 4 NEW TITLES: Agnes – Advanced Drive and Hide and Seek, Fosse-Advanced Drive, Twyla- Advanced Drive, 3 RECORDS: Glover in Intermediate Drive – 38 seconds! Agnes broke her own record for Rapid Fire Game with 16:45 seconds, shaving 4 seconds off her last record! Agnes also broke a record for Hide and Seek with a time of 39 seconds! I also think Gwen and Fosse made a first today with Tandem Treibball with 2 qualifying and good looking runs in Novice (means they both played one game). I don’t know of anywhere in North America that has been done yet? Good job guys, ya wore me out!!                                                                    May 4 2014 group cropped May 4,2014

Feb 23, 2014 -Agnes breaks time record with 45 seconds in an advanced game of Treibball, Canines and Humans United, Michigan USA


Fosse, Gwen and Agnes make placements in  Rally Free World Video Event – Fosse earns overall high score:

Judging at the WCFO Freestyle Nationals in Portland Oregon – October 25-27,2013_RDC3552_RDC0902American Treibball Association Novice titles earned! -August 2013 IMG_4301 Treibball Intermediate CHU titles and Novice legs for Glover!-August 2013

Treibball Int Titles Aug 2013998693_10201523012062326_1595623430_n[2]

Twyla earned her first Agility titles July 20/21 weekend! She now has her Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers with Weaves titles. Gwen finished her Novice Standard and earned some intermediate legs and Fosse also earned intermediate Standard and Jumpers legs!


Doggie DanceFit Workshop and Ball Conditioning September 14, 2013 (Full Day)

Puppy Treibball  Workshop September 15, 2013 (Half Day)

Treibball (adult) Workshop September 15, 2013 (Half Day)

 Summit Training Centre For Dogs – Ottawa


World Canine Freestyle Organization 2013 North American Freestyle National  Portland, Oregon. Oct 25-27. Cassandra will be judging and presenting a freestyle workshop. Content TBA



NE7 Treibball Nov Titles Feb 24, 2013

NE6 Treibbal Michigan NOv 2012



NE3 Agility july 2012 Gwen and Fosse

NE2 Rally Erie Shores 2012

NE1 Rally-O Swansea 2012