Classes and Workshops


All group classes are small (4-6 dogs) with emphasis on the individual dog/handler teams.  Attention is paid to each individual starting from the time of registration where each dog is assessed prior to entry into class. Bronze, Silver and Gold training courses have been expertly designed to provide successful and logical progressions in a solid training foundation of learning and fun. Emphasis is on the canine/human bond and relationship building through motivational exercises and training games. Clicker training is a highly successful method of reward –based training that not only trains dogs, but teaches them to think and problem solve, developing wonderful confidence and a love of learning.  Bronze Silver and Gold courses develop canine manners; build great thinking skills and incredible dog sport foundation building to bring out the best in your canine companion! Help and advice available throughout the week via email and phone support!


Assessment and Consultation


Assessment of temperament and training needs.

Bronze (8 weeks)


One hour per week (first week is orientation for handler only – no dog first class)

$350.00 plus HST. 

Start your relationship building and bonding with the Bronze level course. Focus, attention and fun is the mainstay of this training foundation! Learn how to  build great behaviors and skills without correction or punishment. Exercises and skills include:  Recalls, walking on leash, sits with focus and reliability, waiting at doors, self control (no food stealing!), proper greeting behaviors (no jumping up), calm and settle (developing the ‘off-switch’), remains (stay in place).  Training Games and body awareness exercises for lots of confidence and fun! Lots of Q&A time/problem solving  for issues like nipping/biting, housebreaking, jumping up etc…

*Track and record your goals, training exercises and fun with the ‘Paw Tracks Training Journal’ available for $30.00.

Set terrific your terrific training goals now and save! Purchase all 3 courses as a package: $660.00

*Please note that new students to Cassandra’s Canines and to the Bronze level must be first evaluated by Cassandra. Call or email to book your ASSESSMENT  after registering.



6:30-7:30pm (puppies)

Session: June 11, 18, 25 July 2, 9, 16,23, 30

7:45 – 8:45 pm (adolescent to adult)

Session: June 11, 18, 25 July 2, 9, 16,23, 30

Competition Puppy  ( 6 weeks)







Silver (6 weeks)


One hour per week

$290.00 Plus HST.

Building on the obedience basics with the addition of hand signals and distance work, this course looks at really developing the handler/dog team. Focus is intensified with more distraction work and focus. Dogs work on ‘holding’ items for an intro to retrieving. Silver challenges the dogs physically and mentally while building and polishing skills like formal recalls, finishes and hand signals. More heelwork games, relationship building tug games, targeting (nose and paw) and entertaining tricks and skills like spins and leg weaves.


 Silver Saturday 10-11am

June 22, July 6, 13, 27 Aug 3, 10



Gold – 6 weeks, one hour per week

Gold level training makes for a fabulous canine partner and family member. Build teamwork and foundation skills for a variety of dog sports. The Gold level is your step into the fun world of dog sports!

Gold- Dog Sport Foundation



Saturday 10 am – 11:00 am

Dog Sport foundation class: Build the team with a variety of foundation exercises in fun dog sports. Work on the focus and skills necessary with exercises for agility, treibball, rally free and freestyle!

Session: April, 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11, 25  (some dates may be switched to Sundays due to competition schedule).

Canine Musical Freestyle, RallyFrEe, Rally-O, Treibball and Agility… can’t decide which hobby sport is for your dog?  Each sport builds confidence, skills and channels your dog’s energy in there own special way. Dogs are happy to have a ‘job’ and it is thrilling to see them realize their potential.  Discover how much each sport has to offer and in which one your dog can be a ‘star’ – for fun, in your own backyard/living room or in the competition ring!

Agility 1


Intro to Agility skills – flat work, one jump skills, jump grids, contacts, tunnels

Beginner/Novice – Short sequences, handling skills and drills.


Intro 6:30 -7:30,

Beginner/Novice  8:00 -9:00pm

6 week sessions


Detail Name 1:

Rally-FrEe (6 weeks)


Special combination dog sport. Mix of Rally skills with creativity of freestyle. Great way to get your dancing feet wet in freestyle and put some zing in your Rally!

6 weeks – $185.00 plus HST


Mondays 6:00-7:00pm  TBA








Canine Musical Freestyle (6 weeks)


One hour per week

$185.00 plus HST

Music, movement, obedience skills and tricks are all part of what makes Canine Musical Freestyle special, as is the unique bond and performance that each dancing team hold.  Dancing with your dog is about learning in a special way with your dog. The fabulous skills displayed in this sport are not only sure to entertain but are a very big plus in other dog sports.  Dancing dogs are fit and have superb response to both verbal and physical cues.  Attention, body and spatial awareness and beautiful heelwork are large components  in the foundation of this sport. For sheer fun or serious leg-kicking, this is an activity that is addictive for both dog and handler!

Novice Mixed Class 

Tuesday 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Mondays 7-8pm




Tricky Tricks Workshop


Tricky Tricks 1 and 2 combined workshop.

Sunday Feb 17/19    11:30am  – 1:30 pm

Tricks to challenge and entertain! Work at your own level! This 2 hour workshop includes Novice tricks such as High Five, Spin, Roll Over, Weave thru legs, Yoga Mat. More advanced tricks such as Fetch The Mail, Put Toys Away, Basketball, Jump Hoop, Close the door, Open the door,  and MORE!  EARN A TRICK TITLE! Testing for Do More With Your Dog! Trick Dog Titles for Novice/Intermediate/Advanced  available at this workshop.



Treibball For Beginners


Saturday Jan 26/19  10:00 am – 12:00 am

Introduction to the sport of Treibball (ball herding). Fun and challenging! Treibball is ‘urban herding’ – Dog and handler work as a team to direct and bring balls into the goal. Good exercise for any breed and age of dog. Develop super skills and distance work and control in this sport.  This workshop will introduce you to the foundation exercise to give you a start. Explore the fun games and titles that the Treibball Players of Canada has to offer!

Treibball -Novice/Intermediate Workshop


Saturday Jan 26/19 12:30-3:30pm   For those wishing to refresh some Novice/Intermediate Skills and learn some fun new Treibball games from the Treiball Players of Canada organization!

Introduction to Treadmill Fitness


Saturday February 9/19 10 am – 2:00 pm

How to properly introduce your dog to a treadmill and how to incorporate into your dog’s fitness program. Treadmill do’s and don’ts.   Key treadmill exercises to improve your dog’s level of fitness and target a variety of muscle groups.