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Workshops available for training clubs, schools or groups. Half-day, full-day and weekend workshops available. Contact Cassandra for a quote and more info.

For info and prices on booking Cassandra for demonstrations and special events, please contact Cassandra directly.

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Doggie DanceFit


Cool moves and exercise to music with your dog! Includes ball conditioning for your dog.

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Harmonious Heelwork


Clicker train beautiful heelwork and empower your dog with wonderful hind-end awareness and control.


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Canine Musical Freestyle


Enter the fabulous world of dog dancing with skills and moves set to music. Create a solid foundation of skills to ‘Shim-sham-shimmy’, ‘waltz, and ‘Cha-Cha’ with your dog. Musical Freestyle develops fantastic cross over skills for other dog sports and is quite simply a great learning and bonding experience with your dog.


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Urban herding! Driving and pushing exercise balls like billiards (8 balls for a full game) is the very latest in mental and physical stimulation and fun for dogs. Non-herding breeds have as much fun. Good control and fabulous teamwork in this new fun sport and it starts with just one ball!


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