TREIBBALL (try-ball) is about learning and bonding with our dogs in a fun recreational way. This exciting new  Ball Herding  sport originated in Germany and was first invented by Finish national Jan Nijboer. It is played with exercise balls and develops keen obedience skills, partnership, communication and cooperation between handler and dog. At the handler’s direction, dogs learn to gather and push balls towards a goal net. A timed event, the basic game consists of 8 balls, much like a game of billiards. This entails directional skills and control (no ball-bitingJ)! More advanced games consists of ball discrimination, obstacles and speed games!   All dogs can enjoy this activity and toys and treats are plentiful for fun learning. A great outlet for both herding and non-herding breeds and it all starts with one dog, one handler and quality fun time with your dog!

DS-Treibball   DS-Treibball2SM