Canine Musical Freestyle (6 weeks)

Canine Musical Freestyle (6 weeks)


One hour per week

$185.00 plus HST

Music, movement, obedience skills and tricks are all part of what makes Canine Musical Freestyle special, as is the unique bond and performance that each dancing team hold.  Dancing with your dog is about learning in a special way with your dog. The fabulous skills displayed in this sport are not only sure to entertain but are a very big plus in other dog sports.  Dancing dogs are fit and have superb response to both verbal and physical cues.  Attention, body and spatial awareness and beautiful heelwork are large components  in the foundation of this sport. For sheer fun or serious leg-kicking, this is an activity that is addictive for both dog and handler!

Novice Mixed Class 

Tuesday 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Mondays 7-8pm