‘Sweet Moves’ – A Musical Freestyle Broadway On-line Course based on ‘Sweet Charity!’!

'Sweet Moves' - A Musical Freestyle Broadway On-line Course based on 'Sweet Charity!'!

Unique and fun Canine Musical Freestyle course with choreography from a Broadway show 'Sweet Charity' Basic freestyle skills required are off-leash heelwork, circles, spins, leg weaves. Course provides 5 video lessons with a video lesson provided every 2 weeks. Interactive classroom is via a private facebook page. Students must be able to download music, video homework sessions and upload to classroom page for individual commentary and feedback.


5 video lessons. Instruction and critique by Cassandra.  One every two weeks starting Jan 1 , 2018, Jan 15, Jan 29, Feb 12, Feb 26  Choreography, moves and sequences to different songs from the Broadway show ‘Sweet Charity’.  Heeling to sidepass, transitions to sidepass, weaves, spins, props and handler upper body carriage.