FitPAWS MIni Egg diam. 18cm

FitPAWS MIni Egg diam. 18cm


The FitPAWS Mini Egg is a conditioning tool used to develop core, rear and shoulder strength for dogs. It is perfectly sized for toy breeds. At maximum inflation, the Mini Egg is 14″ in length and 7″ high.

The Mini Egg is a valuable tool for canine rehab professionals. It can help support body weight as well as be a useful tool for both hind and front end stabilization and weight bearing therapeutic exercises.

Toy breeds and small puppies can also strengthen their core muscles by working on top of the Mini Egg with their owner’s assistance in stabilizing the ball. Because the Mini Egg is an inflatable object, your little dog will have to engage its core muscles in order to stay balanced on top.

You can use positive training to encourage sits, stands, turns, stretches and other tricks while working on top of the FitPAWS Mini Egg. You can assist your dog by helping them “log-roll” the Mini Egg in a controlled manner forwards and backwards. This will help develop shoulder and hind end strength.