Mind & BoDy!

Mind & BoDy!


2 half hour classes of FitPAWS conditioning for the body and Brain Games  for the Brain!  1 x 15 minute break between classes.

Consists of:

Brain Games

Exercise your dog’s mind with puzzles and tricks! Entertain family and friends and impress with amazing tricks like  ’Get the mail’, ‘Say your prayers’  ’Tidy your toys’, ‘Play dead’ and  ’Turn on/off light switches’. Teach your dog concepts and actions like ‘In’, ‘Shut’ and  ’Pull’ and how to play basketball!

  AND Core/Strength Conditioning  – Using FitPAWS Canine Conditioning Equipment

Core strength, flexiblity,spatial awareness, work hind and fore limbs. Conditioning that is super for the companion or sports dog, young or old!

DROP-IN BASIS * Please contact Cassandra for appropriate class placement for your dog.


Level 1 10:00 am -11:15 am

Level 2 11:45 am -1:00pm