‘Slackers’ – Slackline Fitness 1

'Slackers' - Slackline Fitness 1


ONLINE CLASS VIA PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP.  6  biweekly lessons ( one lesson every two weeks – total 12 weeks) Feb 11/19  – April 22/19  INCREASE YOUR DOG’S FITNESS SKILLS. Introduction to fitness and conditioning using slacklines. Foundation exercises and beginner slackline work. A great addition to your dog’s fitness program. Slacklines increase balance, proprioception and reflexes while working stabilizing muscle groups. Feet and limbs are strengthened and all muscle groups can be worked!   Equipment: One long yoga roller cut in half and  2 BalanceBlox slack line sets (or similar)  https://www.amazon.com/Slackers-SLA-492-Balance-Blox/dp/B00NZG74MS  Note: *course can be completed without slackline sets but hey, a lot more fun with the slack lines :)