Welcome to Cassandra’s Canines Inc.


Training and involvement here is personal, fun and creative! Our programs address the ‘whole dog’ and provide the very latest in positive, motivational training.

We believe that success comes from stimulating and developing both a dog’s mind AND body. Expert and caring training for all aspects of your dog’s life.

The very best for your canine family member!


Dog in a tunnel


Cassandra’s Canines Inc. was the best decision we ever made for our dog. From the first step we took inside this first class facility, Sherlock knew that we were here to work, learn and play. Working with Cassandra helped Sherlock and I strengthen our bond and develop our skills to reach our goals. I am excited to keep working with Cassandra as Sherlock and I set our sights on agility training as our next challenge!
Vicky Ringuette, Sherlock (Miniature American Shepherd)

Cassandra’s helpful hints and common sense training techniques help make for a perfectly well behaved dog!!! Hands down saved us from a very high energy, hard to handle puppy. We are super social and take Remi everywhere with us. We now do it with pride! She does everything we ask, from placing her on a mat, to walking by our side, to sitting under a table at a restaurant and she’s a puppy! We get the most compliments and are enjoying her so much. This would have been a completely different outcome without Cassandra’s patience, guidance and expertise! Thanks Cassandra! We’ll be back for fun Treibball or Agility with our incredible baby girl!
Nancy and Dave Sheldon, Remi (Golden Retriever)

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