Fitness & Conditioning

Stability Core Strength Confidence Balance Proprioception Coordination Limb Strength Increased Owner/Dog Bond Flexibility Body Awareness Increased Reaction Time Control Improved Performance Target/Stabilize Weak Areas Muscle Tone Weight Loss

Mental and Physical Fitness for different life stages, life styles and physical challenges. Puppies to seniors! There is an important place for improved fitness and cross training for dogs in all walks of life: family/companion dog, canine athlete, or working dog. With safe fitness programs we can help our dogs be the best they can be for as long as possible, maintaining a happy spring in their step while performing their jobs safely and maximizing injury prevention. Our dogs deserve the enrichment, pleasure and improved performance attainable with specific targeted fitness programs. Meet your dog’s individual needs and goals. From couch to backyard and hikes; agility courses and obedience rings; hunting fields or city sidewalks as guide/service dogs, all these dog’s jobs can be made more efficient and safer through fitness conditioning and cross training. Watch your dog enjoy the challenges and get stronger and healthier every day while having fun with you! Fitness & Conditioning

Group Fitness Classes

Mind & Body Conditioning & Fitness

Does your dog have a gym membership? Brain games and fitness rolled into one class. Weekly challenges and fitness skills using top canine conditioning equipment and instruction. Individual stations plus circuit training. Core work, limb strengthening and coordination skills. Keep your dog fit and active in this fun class.

6 pack 235.00 Plus HST

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Beginner NEW to conditioning   10:00 am – 11:00 am 

Sept. 10, 17, (no class Sept. 24), Oct 1, (no class Oct 8) 15, 22, (no class Oct 29) November 5

Mixed Skills Level (intermediate to Advanced) 11:15 am – 12:15 pm

Sept. 10, 17, (no class Sept. 24), Oct 1, (no class Oct 8) 15, 22, (no class Oct 29) November 5

Registration Form (For students new to Cassandra’s Canines)

Private Fitness Session & Massage

60 Minute session. 30 Minutes fitness and conditioning & 30 minute massage. * New students must complete a fitness evaluation with Cassandra.

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Custom Fitness

Registration Form Assessment | Cost: 90.00 Plus HST

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Starter Fitness Package: Written Fitness Program & 3 One Hour or 6 Half Hour Lessons | Cost: 345.00 Plus HST

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Full Fitness Package: Written Fitness Program & 6 One Hour or 12 Half Hour Lessons | Cost: 610.00 Plus HST

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Custom Online Fitness Lessons

Get an expert’s eye on correct form and progressions in your dog’s training program. Work through tough training challenges and get instruction on specific exercises. Video lesson from Cassandra and critique of student’s homework submission, or virtual lesson from Cassandra

Registration Form Single Lesson | Cost: 150.00 Plus HST

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Package of 6 Lessons | Cost: 400.00 Plus HST

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Workshops available for training clubs, schools or groups. Half-day, full-day and weekend workshops available. Contact Cassandra for a quote and more info.