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Now you can homeschool your dog with expert guidance and instruction. Share and learn from Cassandra in an online classroom in a group  or personal course. Weekly or bi-weekly interactive Zoom classes, plus video lessons and instruction via a private facebook group. Personal instruction and guidance for you and your dog 24/7!  As always, instruction is geared to being a creative and fun challenge for you and your dog! In addition, Cassandra looks to the individual dog and handler team – fun and learning with your dog is the priority. Remember, no two teams can be alike. Baby steps and small successes, problem solving with creativity!

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“Reaching For The Stars” Arms and Upper Body Usage in Musical Freestyle

Build understanding of the role of and usage of arms and upper body in choreography.

  • What is ‘line’ ? What does it do and how to achieve it.
  • Identify the most important areas to add arms and upper body in a Musical Freestyle routine.
  • How do arms and upper body affect phrasing and musicality?
  • Different styles of upper body choreography and what suits what?  Examples to work on!
  • Exercises to improve flow, coordination and awareness.
  • Exercises to add to your MF dog training sessions.

6 video lessons – 7 weeks   January 29, Feb 5, 12, (19th Break and catch up week) , 26 March 4, 11

Private fb group. Lessons posted on Mondays. Individual feed back and instruction Thursdays and Sundays.


“Reaching For The Stars” – Arms and Upper Body Usage in Musical Freestyle

Cost $295.00 CDN

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Virtual or Phone Consultations

Discussion, guidance and answers regarding your dog’s training issues and behavior.

Cost: $70.00 Plus HST

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FIT for Freestyle!

Currently unavailable

A beginner conditioning exercise program specifically for the sport of Canine Musical Freestyle. Taught by a Champion freestyler, certified trainer, certified Canine Fitness Trainer (University of Tennessee)  and Master FitPAWS trainer. Improve your dog’s performance, coordination, reflexes, proprioception and flexibility.  Freestyle can be a demanding sport with both repetitive and athletic movement! This places specific demands on their bodies!   Improved fitness will not only help to keep your dog healthy throughout their career, it will improve quality of heeling, movement, dexterity, footwork, strength and  safety.

Is your dog’s body prepared and well conditioned for the rigors and demands of this sport? Learn how to keep  your dog’s body balanced, strong, safe and able to perform at their best! This is a DETAILED course with emphasis on proper FORM and MOVEMENT for your Canine FREESTYLER.

6 weeks ONLINE with progressive video lessons, evaluation,  instruction and individual feedback.

Core strength.

Shoulder stability,

Spinal strength and flexibility.

Rear limb awareness and power.

Stabilizer and balance development.

Equipment: Two low foot targets (covered 2-4 inch boards). On position platform.  One FitPAWS K9 FITBone

*Participating dogs must be cleared by a veterinarian and injury free.

$300.00 Plus HST

Registration & Payment


Now no matter where you live you can enjoy instructive and creative sessions from Cassandra. This opportunity is also perfect for the reactive or shy dog that is not quite ready to participate fully in a live classroom setting. One private lesson consists of one zoom class, video lesson from Cassandra and one submission from student with a review and critique from Cassandra.

Cost: 150.00 + HST

Registration & Payment

Custom Online Fitness Lessons

Get an expert’s eye on correct form and progressions in your dog’s training program. Work through tough training challenges and get instruction on specific exercises.

Video lesson from Cassandra and critique of student’s homework submission, or virtual lesson from Cassandra

Single Lesson | Cost: 150.00 Plus HST

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Package of 6 Lessons | Cost: 400.00 Plus HST

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Online Line Dance Class!

Learn step by step a special freestyle line dance routine with your dog!

June 11 (6 weeks)

Cost: $275.00 Plus HST

Pre-requisite: foundation moves spins, leg weaves, back ups, heelwork

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Lockdown Doggie DanceFit!

Currently unavailable

Special offer during Ontario’s Covid lockdown!  January 1st – 23rd ! Put on some music and have some fun and exercise with your dog!

First video posted January 1st  with  3 additional weeks of 3  DanceFit moves a week! Total of 10 fun DanceFit moves to motivate, keep moving and have fun with! Via private fb classroom – video lessons with interaction and instruction from Cassandra. No expertise necessary, just a love of working and having fun with your dog!

Join in anytime for some Doggie DanceFit fun!

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Freestyle Fridays!

A new dance sequence/combo for you and your dog every Friday for 4 weeks! Canine Musical Freestyle is a blend of heelwork, tricks and moves with your dog! If you love to move with music and are looking for a fun way to motivate and teach your dog new things, this is for you! This course is via a private facebook classroom with personal instruction and feedback from Cassandra. Emphasis in this class is sequencing 3 or 4 different moves to  music. Note: to get the most from this session your dog should be able  to perform the following behaviors (with some help if):  Sit, drop,  pass through your legs, spin right and left.  Get ready to rock!

Cost: $215.00 Plus HST

4 week Summer Sizzler Session -Freestyle Friday #4 !!!

*Not available at this time

Registration & Payment

Puppy Body Awareness – Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes! #1

4 week body awareness course for puppies under 6 months of age.  Private interactive facebook group with weekly video lessons and notes. Games and skills to develop:

  • Forelimb &  rear limb awareness
  • Proprioception and balance
  • Coordination & confidence
  • Focus and bonding
  • Exercises  include paw targets, chin target, rear feet targets, backwards motion, circular motion, body posture, coordination games.

Cost: $215.00 Plus HST

Registration & Payment

Slackline Fitness and Conditioning

6 week online course with step by step progressions building skills using slack lines. Benefits include limb, core and feet strength plus balance, coordination and fantastic proprioception. Learn how to condition and keep your dog fit using fun slack lines!

Cost: $300.00 Plus HST

Registration & Payment

Mind & Body Fitness/Conditioning – Advanced Skills

Currently unavailable

Wondering how to keep your dog fit and mentally stimulated? Wishing you had a canine fitness expert give you the best, most versatile exercises in an easy, fun program you can do at home?

This course consists of 6 weekly sessions.

Each session includes:

  • 3-4 rotating fitness/conditioning exercises-  Accentuating different muscle groups in areas of core and limb strength, flexibility, body awareness and balance.
  • A fun fitness game/trick – Channel energy, physically AND mentally!
  • A body targeting skill –  Build a good repertoire of useful fitness/conditioning behaviors!

That’s 3 pieces of great learning and activity per week. 3 x 6 = 18 Fun and educational ways to improve MIND & BODY! At completion, a full program that is yours to rotate and enrich your dog with.

Weekly video and written lessons via a private Facebook group. Feedback and instruction available 24/7 for your 6 week lesson period.

Most exercises can be completed with limited balance equipment or common household items and can be adapted for different skill levels.

*This course is suited to injury free, otherwise healthy dogs. Please email Cassandra if you have any questions about your dog’s suitability.

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Intro To Treibball #1


Pre-requisite: basic obedience skills

4 lessons (one every other week)  $215.00

  • Orientation to ball and handler (finding front)
  •  Sends and Positions
  • Direction development (Bye & Away)
  • Intro to  ‘push’     Materials needed: One exercise ball and one mat or placeboard.

Registration & Payment

Intro To Treibball #2

Pre-requisite: Intro #1

4 lessons (one every other week)  $215.00

  • Stopping/positions and orientation (sit,drop,stand)
  • Intro to direction control and speed.
  • Push game development  Materials needed: Two exercise balls, 2 mats or placeboards.

Registration & Payment

Bronze Level Training  – Puppy to one year of age

  • Responsive, reliable recalls! 
  • Self-control / ‘Off-switch’ development 
  • Loose Leash Walking 
  • Focus 
  • Canine good manners and greeting behaviors 
  • Calm, settle and ‘place’ 
  • Body awareness and confidence building with training games, fun challenges and skill building

8 weeks of  life skills,  relationship building and problem solving. Program is presented in 2 parts. Each session has 4 weeks of Weekly Zoom interactive classes.  4 weekly video lessons, written lesson outlines plus personalize  material just for you via private Facebook group. Receive personal feedback and guidance from Cassandra 24/7!  1 year access to material!


Bronze Private  Part 1   Weeks    1 – 4

Cost $295.00 plus HST

Registration & Payment


Bronze Private  Part 2   Weeks    5-8

Cost $295.00 plus HST

Registration & Payment


SAVE and purchase together! Package price for Parts 1 and 2

Cost $565.00 plus HST

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