Training Philosophy

Training PhilosophyThe unique dog training instruction offered by Cassandra’s Canines Inc. takes into consideration both the mental and physical needs of your dog. Our programs help dogs become thinkers and problem solvers — dogs who are able to happily offer good choices in day-to-day behaviours and confidently approach any challenge life has to offer. Mental soundness, body awareness and physical activity, and building a strong relationship with human partners are all integral parts of a dog’s learning experience. We bring these aspects together to develop a well-rounded canine companion.

To achieve a harmonious, cooperative relationship with our dogs, training methods must be clear, positive and motivational, using logical teaching and progressions. Our programs incorporate scientific reward-based training and relationship-building games and activities to develop a dog who learns both confidence and self-control. Enrichment through these methods shows a dog how powerful it is to rise up to challenges, and most of all that together with you, life is safe, fun and adventurous!